We have customers in many different parts of the world, and in many different industries. Some are large Fortune 500 companies, others are in education, others run repair depots, and still others are resellers or service providers with customers of their own.

We provide the following services across the board:

  1. Same-day shipping.
  2. Dedicated account managers.
  3. Contractual pricing is available to forecast your future needs.
  4. Volume purchase agreements and rebates.
  5. Inventory management and consigned programs.
  6. Daily tracking reports on all shipped orders.

We found Merrill and they saved us from holding on the phone for hours, being transferred from one person to the next, or dealing with a customer service representative in a foreign land. They understand our needs and always end up saving us both time and money in our computer spare parts. We will never lose their number.
-- Bruce Anderson, CIO

Service Providers

If you’re a service provider, you’re often dealing with an SLA. You have a contractual obligation to get a piece of equipment up and running during a specified period of time.

We know the clock is ticking, and we know that you need the right parts, delivered on time, working properly when they come out of the box.

By working with us, you also leverage our extensive Dell, HP/Compaq, and IBM inventories, which means having a one-stop.

Call us at 1-800-585-6341.

Repair Depots

Repair depots operate in a highly competitive environment—fast service and quality spare parts are a must if you’re going to stay ahead of the competition.

Our job is to help you with two things:

  1. Reduce your overall spares costs.
  2. Increase your turn time on repairs.

If we do our job, you can do your job.

Call us at 1-800-585-6341.

Fortune 500/SMB

Somewhere around the world, countless employees sit idle because they don’t have access to a working computer.

A staggering number of these cases involve a simple computer part, like a broken fan or short-circuited chip. All you need to get this employee back in the business of helping you run your business is that spare part.

We don’t see what we do as just shipping parts, although that’s a big part of it. We see ourselves as the people who help you get back on your feet, without endless waits, backorders, and finger-pointing.

Call us at 1-800-585-6341.


Resellers have to run a tight ship. Every delay and idle piece in inventory means giving up that extra millimeter of precious margin. Resellers can regain some of that margin by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art blind shipping system.

Working with our large inventory of parts allows you to reduce your own in-house stock parts, which reduces your costs and overhead. Combine that with a six-month warranty on all parts sold, and you have something that far exceeds what you’ve come to expect in this industry.

Call us at 1-800-585-6341.


If you’re running a computer lab at a school, then chances are you are the expert on site. Your day is full: setting up computers, troubleshooting printers, and helping students with their projects. You don’t have time to chase down every single defective part for every single machine, nor do you have time to deal with dozens of manufacturers, each with their own processes, paperwork, and pains.

We offer something that you need: a friendly, knowledgeable partner who can simplify your life by figuring out exactly what you need and then shipping it to you as quickly as possible. Not next week, or next month, or by the beginning of the new term. Today.

Call us at 1-800-585-6341.


Service Providers
Consistent, high-quality parts.

Repair Depots
OEM availability on EOL parts.

Fortune 500/SMB
Cut costs and down time, increase quality.

Work with knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Leverage our JIT inventory.

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